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Astronomical Timer Switch

Approx Price: Rs 1,200 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece

Astronomical Timer Switch is an intelligent switch, with a battery backed Real Time Clock (RTC), which automatically calculates the time of Sunset and Sunrise of any given day, for a particular geographical location based on latitude / longitude, and switches on / off the load. 


How it saves energy             :           Let us consider the example of our Capital city, Delhi. In mid December, sunset time is approximately

                                                            5:30 P.M, where as in the month of July the sunset occurs at 7.30 P.M.  The timer automatically makes

this adjustment and switches on / off the light, thus saving the valuable limited resource – ENERGY.

Features  :           Energy saving compared to fixed timer switch and highly reliable compared to LDR based switches

Domestic Applications      :   Gate Lights, Common Area Lighting in Apartments etc

Commercial Applications    : Street Lights, Signboards / Hoardings Lighting, Parking / Garden Lighting etc

Clock Accuracy   :   Features RTC with built-in 32.768KHz, < 1 min variation per year

Geographical Data    :   Latitude / longitude information stored for more than 1200 Indian cities   

Location Selection  :    Field programmable for State / City using DIP switches

Manual Control   :    Manual Override switch available

Relay Contact Rating :   16A (NO) and 5A (NC) @240VAC/24VDC    

Size      :   Compact size, easily accommodates inside most lighting fixtures or in a small box

Off timer     : Switch off time can be set anywhere between 10:30 pm to Sunrise

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